doug's cabled cardigan

Over the Christmas break, I started knitting a cabled cardigan for my friend Doug. I've finished the knitting and just need to finish seaming the sleeves, weaving in the ends, and adding the buttons.

It's gone very quickly considering the winter is my business time of the year. Doug is a tiny guy so this tiny cardigan flew off the needles.

It's been a great knit, and I'm really pleased with the results. It's another Josh Bennett design in a past issue of Vogue Knitting. I would knit this one again, probably for myself. It fits well and is a great, timeless design.

green hoodie

A few months ago I finally finished knitting a green hoodie for my friend Christopher. It really turned out great!

The original design had a zipper closure, but I didn't think I'd be able to find a zipper that'd be a good match for the green. So I knitted a button band and added wooden toggle buttons.

It's the largest size, which is big on me. The two fronts and back were knit together up to the armholes, which took FOREVER.

This pattern was designed by Josh Bennett, who I really like. I'm knitting another of his patterns now. I don't think I would knit this pattern again, but I am still happy with the result!

line study #2

I've been having a ton of fun putting together Line Study #2. It's taken some time... about a year... but that's fine.

I'm almost ready to start piecing the top. I could keep making the 4x4 triangular strips but at some point you have to just stop.

I'm very satisfied with the direction it's heading. For a while I wasn't sure if it was going to be vertical or horizontal, but then I realized it was square and didn't matter anyway. Still, when I started laying it out horizontally it just felt right.

It's going to Lisa as a wedding gift. I need to get this finished so I can send it off to her and clear space on the design wall so I can start on the next quilt!


Lately, I've been working to make my apartment more "grown up" instead of hoarder-college-apartment-bachelor-pad-messy, which it often resembles.

I rearranged the living room furniture, hung some artwork, removed a bunch of unnecessary tchotchkes and cleaned up. Much better...

I'm trying to make changes using what I have or spending very little money since I don't know how long I will be in this apartment. So, I used an old Urban Outfitters coverlet and an old sweater to make some throw pillows.

I cut and squared up 3 pieces for the front and two backs. I used the existing hem on the coverlet so I didn't have to worry about sewing a hem.

I sewed all the way around the pillow, pressed open the seams, cut the corners and turned it inside out using the envelope-style back.

They both look great!  I will probably make a few more using fabric I already have in my stash and old pillows.

line study #3

The other night I was inspired and created a small quilt. There were some pieces I had left over from Line Study #1...

I assembled them right on my studio table... no design wall. I didn't let myself think too long about the arrangement before I started sewing.

It went together quickly. I even faced it the same night.

I think I will create more smaller pieces. A great way to see if a larger piece would work.


I recently got a new iPhone. I've always loved photo apps but they were difficult to use with slow smart phones. With my new iPhone, it's super fast and easy.

So, I decided to start a weekly series... My week in Instagram photos...

bully shield

I'm happy to announce my piece "Bully Shield" was selected to be a part of Textiles in a Tube 2.

When I read about this juried show on Kathleen Loomis's blog I decided to give it a shot. All pieces for the show have to fit in to a 36" mailing tube. The premise was too interesting to pass up, so I started sketching and scheming.

I tried several different solutions but couldn't come up with an idea that made sense to fit in a tube. Everything was too contrived or wasn't interesting enough.

When I was in LA in April a friend suggested an umbrella frame. The rest fell in to place.

I chose the topic of bullying because it was one that still affects me 20 years after it happened. At the time, I wanted a way to shield myself from the words and actions that were raining down on me. I tried my best to protect myself but their anger and hate got through to me; it was never easy to fully deflect their words. It was also a time of self-reflection as I struggled with my own uncomfortable thoughts, which in a way, bullying myself.

The aggressiveness of the black fabric against the white reflects the seriousness of the situation as well as the typical black umbrella - it's as if the umbrella has been shredded or worn from the consistency and length of the bullying.

The words that I heard everyday from other students are represented throughout the outside of the piece. The underside uses reflective material to further shield the bullying and to act as a mirror for self-reflective thoughts.

The piece was interesting to construct. I went to several different stores with a tape measure and studied all the umbrellas in stock. The classic black umbrella with curved handle wouldn't work because the handles were too wide for the mailing tube. It had to be a collapsible umbrella so it could fit in to the tube.

I won't bore you with the rest, but it was fairly easy to put together once I figure out a few details. Sewing the panels was the fun part... it was all improvised. The piece has a deconstructed feel, with some of the seams exposed and unraveling, which helped when it came to fitting the fabric on the the umbrella frame.

It's my first fiber art/quilt gallery show and I couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, I can't see the show in person since it's in Greenville, SC. I'd love to see photos if any of you happen to see it.

Textiles in a Tube 2 runs from June 1 through July 15 at Riverworks Gallery in Greenville, SC.

tutorial :: patchwork fabric card

I've been meaning to make one of these cards for a while. I thought I'd document the process and share it.

This project is a great way to use up scraps of any kind of fabric. I used mostly vintage bed sheets and napkins/serviettes.

Sewing the fabric on to the card stock isn't as crazy as it sounds and is very easy. Make sure you needle is newish so it pierces the paper.

Follow the tutorial after the jump...


One way to deal with the bulk of fabric when quilting your quilts... use an ironing board!