line study 1

Line Study #1 is almost finished. I'm anxious to sew the final seam and then start the quilting process.

I'm planning on using polyester felt for the batting. I know a lot of quilters would turn up their noses at at that, but I'm willing to give it a shot to see how it works. I really want a low loft, so it makes sense.

I'm also planning on using this tutorial by Jeri Rigged to face the quilt so I don't have to add a binding. I've never liked how bindings look, so I want mine to be turned to the back so it disappears.


  1. you've really caught the bug. I'm glad to see you have a new blog that's about your work too and not just your inspiration


  2. @sherri... thank you for stopping by! i'm hoping to share more of my process and work as this blog continues.