A few years ago Debbie Stoller contacted me about creating a pattern for her fourth book in the Stitch 'n Bitch series. I accepted and created this fun pattern for a sweater inspired by the one Ernie wears on Sesame Street.

I only had one month to complete the sweater! I completed the entire back in one weekend. Then finished the rest in the following two weeks. I blocked and assembled the sweater the following week and then shipped it off to NYC never to see it again until the book arrived about a year later. (Debbie gave the original garment I knitted to her boyfriend.)

I had a secret fear that the pattern would be wrong and everyone who tried to knit it would end up with a garment that had 3 sleeves and was 4 sizes too big. I've gotten over that thanks to Ravelry. I love seeing the finished sweaters. There are some great ones out there!

It's not a pattern/sweater for everyone, but I'm happy that was able to create something that people respond favorably to.

Rubber ducky would be proud.