my first show

I was invited by a local photography club to show my work in their monthly show. They invite 4-5 photographers to show their work and then hang out and chat.

I was fairly anxious since I didn't know what to expect. I prepared as much as I could, selecting the images I wanted to show and buying inexpensive frames. However, I couldn't find square frames as I had hoped, so I had to scramble at the last minute to matte my square images so two would fit in a rectangular frame.

I also didn't anticipate hanging my lightweight frames on chains that hung from the ceiling. They didn't have enough weight to lay flat against the wall, so they moved back and forth causing the glass to glare.

Overall, It was about what I expected. Of course I wanted my work to be hanging in a typical gallery space with white walls, super groovy music, and lots of hipstery, arty people there.

But really it turned out to be my work hanging on the wall in an awkward space above a bar. I can't complain because everyone was nice, it was great to be invited, I got experience showing my work, and... I sold a piece!

Lessons learned:
- If possible, check out the space before hand so you can plan how to hang your work.
- Know how you are going to frame/hang your work.
- Any show, even the most low key, is still a show.

Some of the images I picked to show:

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