Line Study #1 is in the process of being quilted. I decided to do a simple grid pattern to reflect the geometric pieced quilt top. Also, this is the first quilt I have actually quilted, so I wanted to make it easy on myself.

I am getting used to the walking foot on my sewing machine. I've never used one before. I didn't have enough batting and backing fabric extending beyond the quilt top, so in some areas the walking foot made the quilt top extend beyond the batting and backing. I will just trim it flush before I bind the quilt.

I can't wait to get this pieced finished. It will be my first finished art quilt. Even though I will probably just roll it up and store it someplace, I am happy to have created something I figured out on my own.


  1. OMG - now i see what you've been working on. That's so much fun! Get a bunch of them made then have a show. You'll sell them. People LOVE quilts.

  2. Found your site via Sherri's blog. Love, love, love your quilt. Beautiful lines, color, shape, just everything, beautiful. Love it.

  3. @sherri... that would be awesome to have a show! i wouldn't even know where to begin with selling them!!

    @sandy... wow, thank you! i can't wait to get this quilt finished!